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What We Do

The ELMI is a collaborative hub for basic science, technology development, and education related to materials built of and/or by engineered, non-mammalian, living organisms. We aim to revolutionize technology for society through reimagined large-scale infrastructure and human-scale products; while at the same time enabling society’s expansion through off-world exploration and habitation made possible with materials and structures that are grown from renewable resources, rather than manufactured.

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Who We Are

We are a creative, innovative, collaborative team of researchers and domain experts from across Cornell University exploring frontier science and developing revolutionary technology that brings engineered living materials and structures out of the realm of science fiction and into an unprecedented reality, advancing our society.

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We are excited about expanding the ELMI community. There are plenty of ways for people both internal and external to Cornell to get involved in our basic science, technology transition, and educational mission.

How to Get Involved

If you have questions,
please contact the ELMI Director Prof. Meredith Silberstein.